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This is the most amazing package that SpeechPhone has ever put together. It's a one-of-a-kind service that you can't get anywhere else - unlimited communications all driven by power of your voice. It's yours as a new subscriber for just $35.00 a month!

For $35 a month you get:

Unlimited Speech

  • Unlimited calling - all your local and nationwide long distance calls are included. No minutes to worry about, just one flat fee.

  • Imagine how much you will save!

  • A 24/7 virtual assistant - Mandi, who'll manage all your communications. Forget remembering phone numbers, carrying an address book, even being at a computer to get your e-mail! Using simple intuitive speech commands you can tell Mandi to make those calls, read you those e-mail and get you that phone number from your address book.

  • Imagine how much more productive you're going to be!

  • A SpeechPhone number that can always reach you - because you say where your SpeechPhone number rings. Throw out the concept of a home number, a work number, a mobile number and replace it with a single SpeechPhone number. There's no limit to where your calls can ring.

  • Imagine how much easier it's going to be for people to reach you!

  • Over 30 powerful features that will change the way you think about communication. From call screening, so you always know who is trying to reach you, to voice dialing so that your eyes never leave the road, to sending e-mail by phone or having your voice mail delivered to your e-mail inbox.

  • Imagine the freedom of Unlimited Speech!

Welcome to SpeechPhone
- more productive, more reachable and more in control!

The same great features from any phone!

You can access all the great SpeechPhone features from ANY phone. Connect to your assistant and say "Call Paul at the office" and she'll make the call, it doesn't matter whether you're using your wireless phone, your home phone, your customers phone or a pay phone. You can turn any phone into your SpeechPhone.

Don't be limited by calling plans that tie you to one phone. Use SpeechPhone and take your calling plan with you from phone to phone.

The Unlimited Speech Plan Details

The Unlimited Speech package is $35.00 a month, which we bill directly to your credit card every month. There is a $75 activation fee which is charged when you sign up. No term contract required.

* The Unlimited Speech plan covers your calls throughout the contiguous US and Canada. Any calls to Hawaii, and Alaska are additional but still an incredible deal - only 4.9 cents a minute. If you call information (directory assistance) we charge $1 per call.

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